Stormy Weather

This past Sunday Sayuri and I traveled to Shizuka prefecture to lead special evangelism worship services at two churches. As the weekend approached we kept a constant on watch on the weather reports as typhoon was headed in the direction of those churches. The rain started to fall and off during the morning service at Nanen Church and by the time the afternoon service at Makinohara Church began there was a steady downpour and strong winds were beginning to whirl.

Despite the oncoming tropical storm, turnout at the first service was actually pretty good. However, the worsening conditions resulted in a very sparse gathering. Following the service we had a brief time of drinking tea, eating cake and chatting. And just as I was feeling somewhat depressed about few were there, the lady across the table from introduced herself. She explained she was not a member of the church and she was not a Christian. She shared how listening to the sermon she came away with a feeling that Christianity has message that speaks to her more clearly the Buddhism which she described as a religions that pushes for enlightenment, as if each individual must become their own god. Then unfortunately, with the Typhoon about ready to make landfall our tea time came to a somewhat abrupt end and our discussion was cut short.


That woman obviously had a reason to come knowing that the very severe weather was coming right us. There had been a time earlier in the week when I wondered if rescheduling might somehow be possible. For her sake, I am glad that we were there.


About kistokazaki

I am missionary from the Reformed Church in America serving the United Church of Christ Japan.
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